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 Cassandra Clark known to her family as Cassie and to her friends as Cass. As if her parents had a premonition, they named her after one of the leading characters from the musical, A Chorus Line. She began dancing at an early age, which eventually led to her exciting and blossoming acting career. She decided to leave San Francisco where she was born and raised and moved to Los Angeles, the City of Angels… 365 days of sunshine and too many actors. Cassandra was able to work in the industry for three solid years, booking films such as INFINITY CHAMBER and DISCARNATE. She co-created and directed an award winning web series, ENGLISHMAN IN L.A.

She made the move to New York City during the summer of 2015. After only a few months of auditioning, she booked a role on the Martin Scorsese produced HBO series VINYL, and was featured in JJ Abrams produced series, ROADIES. As a director and writer she continues to create her own work that can be seen on her web site

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