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 Marty Mullin

 Cinematographer Marty Mullin worked as a PA on his first film while attending Washington and Lee University in 1968. Work as an A.C. and Gaffer took him to Denver, then on to Miami in the 70s. He "changed his card" in 1983 and began working as a Cinematographer, starting on European commercials and music videos. He worked as a camera operator on the TV series Miami Vice. He has worked for great directors like William Fraeker (B.L. Stryker), Steve Buscemi (Baseball Wives), Tony Scott (Days of Thunder), and Barry Sonnenfeld (Big Trouble). He has worked with great actors like Jack Nicholson (Blood and Wine), Sophia Loren (Aventura), Cindy Crawford (Fair Game), and Ice Cube (All about the Benjamins).


Filming has taken him all over the world, from shooting fashion in Africa to Green Screen in Shanghai, from commercials in Venezuela to promos in New York. He has shot aerials, underwater, and special effects. He has filmed a 9 foot tiger shark underwater, and had a lion jump over him and the camera. But still the most satisfying part of the business, in Marty's eyes, is the simple telling of a good story or engaging and instructing a viewer. Based in Miami for years, Marty now resides in Los Angeles.

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