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 Olivia Millershin

 Clever and witty, melodic and musically quirky as ever, Olivia Millerschin is feeling a bit "Over The Weather." these days, infusing her latest EP with all the colorful elements (Indie, Folk, Soul) and wry turns of phrase that made her debut, self-produced album “Yes.No.Maybe So.” so popular and infectious, leading to its nominations for three 2014 Detroit Music Awards and radio play nationwide.


Only now, the multi-talented singer/songwriter is penning her observational gems from a fresh starting point: 19 years old, one year of college completed and a full year of touring under her belt. The EP’s first single “We Know Not” was produced by Andrew Williams (Colbie Caillat, Five For Fighting). Her growing songwriting abilities helped in her recent signing with BMG Fieldhouse Licensing.


Having toured with Teddy Geiger, Tyler Hilton, Orla Gartland, Ryan Cabrera, and Howie Day, Olivia has had pretty busy year. Not so busy though, to keep her from winning a John Lennon Songwriting Award, making the quarter-finals on the NBC reality show America’s Got Talent, and embarking on her own 40 city, cross-country college tour. This year, Olivia is hoping to wind down and focus on writing more material for a couple upcoming movie soundtracks and work on a brand new, professionally produced album.

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